Corona Virus: An opportunity for change or awakening?

During this presentation and dialogue we’ll be exploring:

• The relationship between personal and planetary crises of awakening

• What those of us who have been through spiritual emergence(y) have to offer right now and why we are in such a strong position

• The three key stages of moving successfully through crisis and where we are currently in the process

• The significance of visionary material revealed to Catherine and how her personal experience underpins her work

At this historic time on planet earth we need to be as well informed as possible about the process we are going through. The pandemic is shifting us to a new level of consciousness, acting as the driver for evolution. It is presenting us with possibly a once in a lifetime opportunity. The big question is: can we fulfil its potential? Can we transform our lives and our planet for the better as a result of this pandemic? What future will we co-create?

Biog Catherine G Lucas is the author of four books on how to harness the transformational power of crisis. She is the founder of the Spiritual Crisis Network, a UK charity and a mindfulness trainer. Catherine has been through profound crisis herself and fulfilled the potential it held for her, by going on to become a published author and international speaker. Her media appearances include BBC Radio 4 and TimeWarner TV. Catherine’s work has been described as visionary and pioneering.

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